Friday, May 20, 2011

Shortcuts Search And Replace: find, fix or remove broken shortcuts in Windows

Whenever an application is uninstalled from the system and in this specific case, from Windows, as you surely well know most of you readers are left, inevitably, a number of broken links in several folders of the OS, sometimes rather difficult to locate.

Broken links with the passage of time and above all in numbers far from lean, mean operation may not go exactly right for Windows, the weighting system and consequently reducing performance.

Obviously, to deal with all this, it would be preferable to remove all broken links, but provided that they are not immediately visible, it seems rather complicated procedure for identifying them ... unless you decide to use Shortcuts Search And Replace.

This is precisely, a freeware, portable, and intended for use only on Windows, in a few clicks, you can search and repair or as appropriate to remove, the much-discussed broken links.

Using Shortcuts Search And Replace is easy because, once started, will be sufficient to specify the destination path or folder on which you want to act, then start your search and wait for the scanning process is completed.

They will then see all the broken links Reported, just as also shown in the image of example, and at this point, depending on your needs, you can then check each of them trying to restore it by creating a reconnection the appropriate software, of course if it still exists OSE, or, alternatively, if such an operation could not be implemented, continue with the removal process.

Possibly you can also manually change the target locations for the broken links by entering a link replacement.

Download : Shortcuts Search And Replace

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