Friday, May 20, 2011

GetMySite, know all the details of a website SEO

People running their own online space, or even those wishing to get information about other people's websites, certainly will have experienced more and more resources used just for that reason and several of these proposals in a variety of circumstances here on Geekissimo.

Where, however, they had not been satisfactory, or even, if you wish to refer to another similar instrument so worth it to consider a new web service which GetMySite take a few minutes of your attezione.

This is, precisely, a recent online resources, available free of charge and without having to do any type of subscription, which in a simple but at the same time, precise, you know all those details that are regarding SEO given a specified website.

To be more precise, using GetMySite, you can then view everything with regard to the indexing on major search engines, use, information about the server, those referring to the linked web sites and the WHOIS information, all together a detailed analysis of the online space.

The data are very numerous and, above all, extremely detailed, among other things easily viewed by category simply by clicking on the appropriate link in the right place of the current web page.

How do I use GetMySite? Well, as simple as connecting to the service, enter the url of the website analyze (in the form or in the form, then click on GET INFO place in plain sight and then wait return results.

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