Sunday, May 22, 2011

NTFS Permissions Tool, change permissions on files and system folders and modify the properties

Starting with Windows Vista, otherwise, instead, to the extent permitted before, Microsoft has made the files read-only system for all common people implying, therefore, the inability to make changes, including cancellation, unless they are acquired the properties of the file which, as of course most of you will be aware of Technology Review passionate readers, this is not a straightforward process.

Unfortunately, by default is not in any way possible to remedy the situation just described, but, fortunately, a simple solution to everything is offered by NTFS Permissions Tool.

This is, in fact, a completely free software and is intended for use on Vista and Seven, which, through a user-friendly interface (you can view a screenshot with a look to the image of example), you can set the permissions for any file and folder system, and do not miss anything, even change its properties.

Using NTFS Permissions tool is fairly intuitive since, once in use, the user will not have to do is select the element on which it wishes to act and then click on items of interest so that they can change everything you need .

Instead of performing a double click on the file or folder you choose, you can access advanced options.

Very important is also the possibility to make a backup of the permit to any selected folder so that it can possibly be used to act on the settings of other directories as well as, of course, to restore it if necessary.

Download : NTFS Permissions Tool

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