Friday, May 20, 2011

Menu Uninstaller, uninstall applications from the context menu of Windows

Usually you need to uninstall a program from Windows, you can act via a specific voice mail in the Control Panel, then locate the item of interest and, finally, to remove it.

Sure, it's not a difficult process of implementation but, of course, can not even be precisely defined as "immediate", not to mention that sometimes, not all software can be removed using the function attached directly to the Control Panel becoming then a really great nuisance.

The execution of a transaction of this type could instead be performed in a very much more immediate if implemented by directly from the context menu ... pity though that, by default, such features may be unavailable.

Despite this, dear readers StayTech, there is no need to despair because thanks to Menu Uninstaller (and the name says it all!) Execution of the above-mentioned operation is now possible.

Menu Uninstaller, in fact, is nothing but a freeware and can be used without problems on all Windows OS, as already mentioned, allows you to quickly uninstall process working directly from the context menu, just as also shown in the screenshot.

Menu Uninstaller, in fact, will add the item Unistall to the context menu of Windows that can be viewed simply by clicking the right mouse button on the application icon or its shortcut (for example, that usually is placed on the desktop ) you want to remove ... easy right?

Following the selection of the item Unistall will then see a window containing a confirmation of an intention to remove the selected then, once granted permission, we will proceed to the uninstall process as usual.

Download | Menu Uninstaller

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