Saturday, May 28, 2011

DownloadsInMenubar, view your downloads with the Firefox menu bar

Mozilla Firefox undoubtedly, is the one of the most popular web browser from the wide audience and offer a unique experience of surfing the net, but unfortunately, as often happens even the popular web browser has red panda, depending on your taste and needs of individual users, some minor defect.

This is the case in view of the current download that from the very beginning, are viewed in a separate window than the web browser and accessible to date, after clicking on the voice mail directly in the Firefox menu.

The display of downloads in progress, however could be much more convenient, especially for those who find themselves downloading files in a more or less constant from the web, if attached directly to the web browser window or the red panda, the better to be clear, the bar menu.

To do this you can use to DownloadsInMenubar, an add-on can be downloaded and used completely free of charge in the voice that adds to the Downloads menu bar of Firefox by clicking on it so you can see the total number of items and their percentage in download completion of the process, as it is also possible to see by looking at the illustrative images.

After the completion of each download will be displayed during the special notification message as also granted by default.

Note that, of course to be able to view the entry Downloads and then use the convenient feature offered by DownloadsInMenubar will need to have the menu bar is visible.

Download : DownloadsInMenubar

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